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We teach our children that learning will forever be a part of their lives, which is why we don’t homeschool over summer!

We have the ability, as parents, to take every opportunity to teach our children.

Is learning and education strictly about the material, or is it also about character, health and reconnection?

We all have family values that we keep and instill in our children. These values also develop and change over time as you go through different seasons in life; your children grow up, society changes, maybe your spouse gets a new job and moving is part of the journey. Why we don’t homeschool over summer has become a family value for us, and here’s a few of our reasons.


Whether you’re working, studying, practicing, cleaning, homeschooling, etc., you really can’t do any of these things in a quality way without a break.

Change of Environment

Taking a break allows you to change your environment.

It energizes, restores and refreshes you physically, mentally, emotionally and relationally. This goes for you and your children. I’ve actually found that my children have responded with greater memory and retention because of breaks. Striving to get things accomplished is only a detriment to you and your children over time.

Planning for Next Year

As the main home educator in our household, I take one month in summer to really pray, seek God’s face, dive in, mull over and plan our homeschool curriculum and outlook for the next year. This is also why we don’t homeschool over summer.

So although our homeschool could go on for the summer, it just can’t for our family. With that said, welcome the break, and enjoy the weather together reconnecting and reestablishing relationships.

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Although we’re not homeschooling over the summer, learning is constant.

We’re never not learning or choosing to do something educational, but in the summer, the environment of free learning without expectation is oh-so-good for the soul. In fact, one thing we keep doing over the summer is nature journaling.

Summer Ideas

We like to give our kids things to do in the summer that changes things up. And here’s the thing… it’s all educational.

The term “bored” can come up pretty fast if there’s a lack of ideas. (Pinterest or Google, anyone?)

Our children love to express themselves with creativity and actively learn by being hands-on and seeking out fresh potential. But, sometimes an idea to start with can spark a chain reaction of more ideas!

We Still Read and Write

Some people may think that we’re encouraging our children to avoid reading and writing over summer. In fact, the opposite is true.

What a great time to encourage them to read and write! The atmosphere is different – it’s relaxed – which means they may WANT to pull out some books, like this one.

Vacation is a GREAT time to encourage your children to put together a journal where they can read, write and draw.

I LOVE HOMESCHOOLING my children. It’s rewarding for me to watch them grow, develop and nurture their love for learning. And we get to experience these amazing benefits, but, a break is necessary so that everyone can refresh and rejuvenate! We’re all better for it.

3 reasons why we do not homeschool during the summer


It’s important (especially in today’s society) to teach our children that for the sake of your personal mental, emotional and physical health, having a break is something you should do! This is one of the main reasons why we don’t homeschool over summer.

Children Learn By Observation

Even as adults, we have a hard time giving ourselves permission to relax without expectations of getting something done. Our first response to people when they’re asking us how we’re doing is, “Busy!”

As parents, we are our children’s greatest examples of what this life is all about and how to live it.

Children learn by observation what relaxing looks like. They also learn what busyness, unavailability and always doing the next thing looks like. Kids remember how it feels to relax, the ways you can do it, where you can go, whom your with, and so on.

When children learn that life is all about doing (even in the relaxing times) instead of taking the time to be, it becomes a detriment to their life as a child of God.

Be Still And Know

How is it possible to teach your children to pray, if their hands, feet, eyes and ears need to be doing something? Is it possible to hear Holy Spirit when we occupy our minds to such a degree that if we’re sitting, we feel like a phone needs to be looked at. Or if we’re driving, we feel the need to listen to music.

“Surrender your anxiety! Be silent and stop your striving and you will see that I am God. I am the God above all the nations, and I will be exalted throughout the whole earth.” Psalm 46:10 (TPT)

We need to put our focus and set our minds and thoughts toward the Lord, shifting our mindfulness to Him and what He wants done, instead of what we want done.

The Lord knows we need rest because He saw this time in society before we ever did. He saw that so many things would occupy and bombard your life and your kids lives. When you feel overwhelmed and inundated with all the things that surround you, I’d encourage you to surrender it to the Lord. He wants to help you!

Although, I believe teaching children to be is part of their character development at all times, it’s really great to focus, be intentional and harness the opportunity that summer brings.

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Recap: Why We Don’t Homeschool Over Summer

Every family values different things, goes through different seasons, and makes different choices that is best for their family.

You are your kids ideal example in life. What a privilege and honor it is as a parent to get to teach your children the ways of the Lord, how to live this life, how to have good friendships, how to hear from the Lord, and how to relax and enjoy life. These things are all teachable.

AND, it’s of utmost importance that you do all these things as led by Holy Spirit. The reasons above about why we don’t homeschool over summer are key values for us, and they work for us based on our current family lifestyle. BUT, it could always change in the future, based what God is asking us to do.

Does your family homeschool over the summer? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below.

Anchored in Jesus,