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“Why should I homeschool my kids”, is possibly THE question on a parent’s mind, and I have possibly THE easiest answer for you.

The reason why you should homeschool your kids is not because you feel pressure by others, or as a result of the public/private school system. It shouldn’t be because it looks like the ideal life, or because of its ease or the challenges encountered at a public/private school.

So, why should I homeschool my kids then, you might ask.

Why Should I Homeschool? FREE worksheet included! Find out if homeschooling is right for your family.

The answer? Because you’ve been called by God to homeschool your kids.


That’s it. That’s all. There’s nothing more; nothing less.

If you are seeking Holy Spirit’s guidance on whether you should homeschool as a result of something that’s occurred at a public/private school, He will help you. But, if you decide to homeschool without consulting Holy Spirit, you could be doing something on your own strength, which could be tough for you and your family.


Why Should I Homeschool? FREE worksheet included! Find out if homeschooling is right for your family.
You can’t homeschool on your own. True story.

You NEED the Holy Spirit every day and at every moment while you’re homeschooling.


The Spirit of wisdom, revelation, knowledge and understanding helps you parent, teach, correct, love and guide your children in behaviours, attitudes, beliefs and thoughts.

And at any moment either before or during homeschool, you’ll likely have one or all of these feelings:

  • unqualified to teach your children
  • teaching is not your gifting or passion
  • what homeschool curriculum should you choose?
  • is it possible to get some “me-time”?
  • the emotions your children are dealing with are more than you can help them with
  • spending money on all the fun educational stuff is unreasonable
  • homeschool planning is daunting
  • some days are not motivating for you and/or your children
  • homeschooling is not easy

In being led by the Spirit in your decision to homeschool, the Lord WILL help you through all these feelings you have or will come across. Believe me, these feelings come, and when they do, surrendering to the Lord for help is all you have.


Why Should I Homeschool? FREE worksheet included! Find out if homeschooling is right for your family.


Teaching my children has been the most amazing and rewarding experience. It’s more beautiful than I imagined. I have seen God at work in my life and in my kids lives many times through homeschooling. I’ve grown a better person for it by learning to lean on the Holy Spirit’s help, reading great materials like this one, and being involved in support groups. We are experiencing so many amazing benefits to homeschooling, and the challenges we face are so minimal compared to the overall homeschooling lifestyle.


Often, I’ve found that any challenges within our children are related to character, and what an opportunity as a teacher-mom to help your children develop their character. We are raising adults designed to fulfill their God-given purpose and destiny. Kids can be hard on themselves when they don’t understand a concept, and as a teaching mom, you can be hard on them for not understanding. As difficult as those days are, you see the value in them to encourage and uplift them, and to be a better you.

With Holy Spirit leading and guiding your steps, anything is possible, including HOMESCHOOLING YOUR CHILDREN!


Why Should I Homeschool? FREE worksheet included! Find out if homeschooling is right for your family.
If you want to start somewhere with finding out why you should consider homeschooling, below is a questionnaire (and free downloadable printable) to help get started.


Why Should I Homeschool? FREE worksheet included! Find out if homeschooling is right for your family.

1. Is homeschooling a desire of your heart? Is it ‘yes’, ‘no’, or ‘I don’t know’?

2. Do you yearn for the homeschooling lifestyle when you look through these benefits of homeschooling? If so, which ones do you gravitate towards?

3. Consider weighing out the options of homeschooling vs. public school. What would it look like for your family financially, relationally, educationally, socially, emotionally? Write out the answers as you picture them.

4. Have you wondered what the struggles or rewards will be for your family if you homeschool? List anything you can see based on what you know about you and your children. (ie. personality types, learning challenges) If there are challenges, what do you need to do to overcome them?

5. Ask Holy Spirit if homeschooling is something your family should consider. Pray about it, spend time meditating on what the Lord has to say to you.


Through the process of answering these questions, they are helping you find where you’re at in terms of homeschooling. Only you and Holy Spirit will know if the door to homeschooling your children is open or shut.

If you have any questions about homeschooling and my experience, drop me a line by visiting my this page. Feel free to share your responses below to the questionnaire. I’d love to read them, pray over them and respond to you with encouragement!

What are some ways you show your thanksgiving to God and to others? Share them with me below!

Anchored in Jesus,