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The ultimate question… “Why am I homeschooling?”

Maybe you know EXACTLY why you’re homeschooling, maybe you don’t. 

There are days that aren’t easy. I do know that knowing why you’re homeschooling, can brighten a darker day, or be the motivation you need to just keep going to make it through. Or…

When someone asks you point blank…”Why are you homeschooling”? Do you have the answer? Do you know your why? 

Why Am I Homeschooling? + FREE printable worksheet

The all-famous question of a 2-year old, “Why?” has its merit when it comes to homeschool.

I am new to homeschooling (4 years in), BUT, I have already learned that when the more challenging and difficult days come, THAT is when need to know WHY I am homeschooling.


My 6-year old daughter took the liberty one day in asking, “Mommy, why are we homeschooled?”

There’s no time like the present to define your “why”.


1. Why Is The “WHY” Important?

  • “Why” serves as your motivation to keep focused, to simplify and prioritize your life, eliminating the clutter of distractions, indecision and the unnecessary.
  • “Why” reminds you of the heart-beat behind your decision; your “You can do this!” when it seems that you can’t.
  • “Why” is your purpose for homeschooling.

Simon Sinek had an all-famous Ted Talk that changed the way I viewed “the WHY”. He also has a book entitled, Start With Why. Check out the link below.

If you are thinking about homeschooling, and/or have yet to spend the time to think about why am I homeschooling,  I would encourage you to find your WHY by starting with WHY.

Discover Why I Am Homeschooling - FREE Worksheet Printable

2. We need to be reminded of our WHY

Why Am I Homeschooling? + FREE printable worksheet

Although, there are so many benefits and beautiful things about homeschooling (I love it!), there are hard and difficult days, too.

Typically good days have us feeling like we can do anything, our kids can do anything and we’re in a healthy place as a family, and in all honesty, those days (or even bursts of times in the day), can be short-lived when a challenge or uncontrollable situation occurs.

It’s the not-so-good days where encouragement, motivation and reminders are needed. Because let’s face it…those days, we just want to get through.

We especially need a reminder of WHY WE’RE HOMESCHOOLING when:

  • our children’s attention span is nonexistent due to do a bad sleep
  • our children have had an agrument between each other
  • the morning hasn’t started off the way we intended
  • we feel frustrated that our children are not understanding a concept that we’ve explained (what feels like) a hundred times
  • we can’t get all the homeschool work done
  • we feel like we’re never doing enough
  • our kids don’t like a particular subject and they let you know it over and over again
  • the kids are just off (lack of sleep, too much sugar, hungry, etc.)
  • someone’s not feeling good
  • we’re feeling off (stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, hormones, etc.)
  • the list goes on…

And, if it’s not enough…

We actually forget “why” we do what we do. Why am I homeschooling?

The excitement of why we set out to homeschool can become a distant memory as the elements of daily life plague us. Whether it’s a bad day or a full schedule, it all begins to consume us and we need to reset.

Everyone needs a reminder (no matter in what area of life) the WHY in…”Why are we doing this?”

3. Why Am I Homeschooling?

Why Am I Homeschooling? + FREE printable worksheet

We’ve chosen to homeschool as a result of a strong sense from the Lord that it was His direction for our family.

We knew we were homeschooling since before my husband and I got married and had kids! (Yes, the above photo is my family taken in 2017).

Back some 20 years ago (when I was a teenager) I met a homeschooling family that affected me so strongly that I knew the Lord was speaking to me about this reality when I would be married and have children. Fast forward to today – we are experiencing what I believe the Lord put in my heart when I met that homeschooling family on that particular day.

I’m not a teacher naturally. If I had a choice by profession, a teacher is not near the top. (Anyone else feel me?!)

I know without a doubt, that God and His grace enables, equips and empowers me to teach our children. Without Him,  I’d be a complete mess and this household would be the greatest disaster.

This is why we homeschool:

it’s God’s direction for our lives as a family and He has given me the grace to teach and train our children.

My “why” doesn’t solve problems, or change the challenges we face, but it reminds me of our family values, the amazing opportunity to homeschool and be with my kids.

4. Discovering Why YOU Homeschool

There is no right answer for why you homeschool. 

The discovery of why you’re homeschooling is important because the harder days do come, and this becomes the foundation for encouragement. 

Discover Why I Am Homeschooling - FREE Worksheet Printable


5. You Are Not Alone

If you have not yet answered the question, “Why am I homeschooling?”, I would suggest you do. Whatever your “why” is, you are not alone.

Many families have the same “why” as you do. And what you believe and value about homeschooling WILL NOT be the same as another family; nor does it make it right or wrong.

Let’s support each other in our endeavour as faith-based, homeschool families. Sharing our “WHY” with each other helps us to SEE more, KNOW more and be able to DO more.

Feel free to share your “why” to homeschooling by commenting below. I’m interested in hearing from you!

If you know of someone who would be blessed to work through their “why” to homeschooling, I would invite you to share this post with them. We all need a boost of motivation to keep going.

Anchored in Jesus,