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What are some ways to disciple your kids? Do you need a curriculum or a program to disciple your kids? Just living life is a powerful discipling tool as you take the opportunities with your kids as they present themselves.

What Is Does It Mean To Disciple My Kids

I believe that as parents, we want to see our children make Jesus the Lord of their life, be passionate about serving Him through others and have a deep personal relationship with Him. So when we hear the term “discipleship”, we can think about what we need to do to disciple our kids.

Disciple defined:

When looking up the word “disciple” in the Bible, you will find it used in the New Testament, mostly in the gospels.

When the Bible speaks about disciples, you’ll notice that it’s used to clarify whose disciples they were. As you read the context, you really begin to see that a disciple is a learner (as the definition indicates). In today’s terminology, you could that a disciple is a student.

Disciple applied

Let’s apply this definition to discipling your children.

To disciple your kids, is to help them be a student of the Word (Jesus), following Him. As your kids stay the course, ideally the steps would continue where they would ask Jesus to be the Lord of their lives, become baptized all the while learning to surrender and trust in Jesus growing in their faith.

Learn 6 Ways to Disciple Your Kids

6 Ways To Disciple Your Kids

1. Natural conversations

There’s nothing like a child asking a question or opening up a conversation about something. THIS becomes the greatest opportunity to talk about the Word of God. An inquisitive child is one who is hungry to learn, be taught and looking to apply it to their life.

2. Rhythms at home (prayer or devotions)

Your family’s natural rhythms of devotional or prayer time are good to talk about WHY your family does what they do through. The last thing we all want to do is create a religious tradition doing something out of obligation and routine, rather than relationship.

We have found that this devotional has been great with our daughter who’s 7. She can sense the peace of God through the loving words that are shared. We also expand on those words by applying them to her life, and asking her questions to dig deeper.

3. Bible study

If you’re doing a Bible study at home, verse memorization, scripture copywriting, etc. it’s a great time to expand on what the scripture means and its application in your child’s life.

4. An experience

One of the benefits of homeschooling your kids is the ability to see and sense all the learning challenges as they come up in your kids. These moments are impactful as we get to immediately get to the root of something in their behaviour and attitude and for us as homeschool moms, rely on the Spirit to lead and guide our conversations.

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Another experience is if your child attends a class or sport outside the home and they feel upset about their ability to do what the teacher asked. As their body language begins to show that something is wrong, we can reassure them and value who they are by giving them a Word from God.

These are such divine moments as a parent to engage the fruit of the Spirit and ask for wisdom and guidance from Holy Spirit. He will show you!

5. Church family

A church family is so important. You cannot raise your children on your own; you need the community of like-minded believers to speak life into your children whether it’s by cheering them on or correcting an inappropriate behaviour.

It’s also encouraging for your children to see the body of Christ their age come together where it’s a safe place to ask questions and talk about what’s on their heart as it relates to their faith. It really does take a village to raise a child.

6. Your example

Being led by the Spirit is key to our Christian lifestyle. As you sense the Spirit of God moving through you to do or say something, include your children in this and talk to them about it. God becomes real in your home when your children are exposed to God through Holy Spirit is revealing to you.

Not only that, but the presence of God can be so tangible that your children will experience God in those moments. We just can’t limit God, putting Him in a box of how things will look in our homes.

There are many ways to disciple your kids, and it doesn’t have to be hard. Which way(s) does your family connect with and lean towards? Let me know in the comments below!

Anchored in Jesus,