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Trusting God when He calls you to homeschool will take every fibre of your being to fix your eyes on Jesus and not yourself!

All of us have different experiences to share when it comes to our homeschooling journey and our faith-walk.

No experience is right or wrong, but be led by the Lord.

Some of us have chosen to homeschool out of a challenge that we experienced. Others have chosen to homeschool based on the academics of our child/ren. Some parents have known from the beginning that they would be homeschooling their children (this is my experience). And others feel thrown into the fire with no options and are trying to keep their head above water.

Whatever your reason(s) to homeschool your children, being led by the Lord in this decision is key. And what comes out of being led to homeschool, is that homeschooling doesn’t just become about your children, but about the work God wants to do in you, too.

Trusting God When He Calls You To Homeschool + FREE Trust in God Scripture Challenge Printable
Just as we involve Holy Spirit in all our daily decisions, He too, wants to be involved in your child’s education, learning and development. Really, He wants to be involved in your entire family’s homeschooling lifestyle.

Trusting God with His call on your life to homeschool means that you’ll be surrendering your will and outcome for His.

We all have ideas and preconceived notions about how homeschooling will look. Whether you’re in your first year, fourth year or tenth year, you might be left wondering if you’re really cut out to teach and lead your children’s lives (not just their education).

Your children’s character ESPECIALLY changes as they grow, and you come across new behaviours that didn’t exist before. Everything in you will want to question God.

It’s so important to keep your why to homeschooling in front of you, especially when homeschooling isn’t looking like you pictured, or you have really hard days.

If you’re like me, I feel unqualified to teach my kids.

I’m not a fun “teacher”. I’ve never felt that I had a gift to teach and never classified myself as a teacher. But here’s the thing – if I was good at it, would I even need God?! Would I rely on Him like I should? So as much as I feel unqualified to homeschool my kids, the Lord often reminds me…

He didn’t call me to homeschool because I’m qualified; He qualifies me which is why He called me to homeschool.

Trusting God When He Calls You To Homeschool + FREE 30 Day Trust Challenge Printable
Often the barrier to “feeling” qualified has to do with our trust in God.

If you’re feeling like you need to find your way again, trusting the Lord with this call to homeschool, I’d suggest downloading the FREE 30-day Trust Challenge Printable below, and renew your trust in the Lord by fixing your eyes on the Word of God.

God has such good plans for you and your family. Sometimes, it’s hard to see when you feel unqualified and ill-equipped to do something like being responsible for not only your children’s education, but their character.

30-Day Trust Challenge + FREE Printable

Trust in the Lord + 30 Day Bible Scripture Trust Challenge FREE Printable
Trusting God when He calls you to homeschool is life changing for everyone. This becomes an opportunity to talk to your children about what trusting God looks like for you and it’s impact on your family whether you chose to trust Him or not.

What have you found a challenge when it comes to trusting God with His call for you to homeschool?

Anchored in Jesus,


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