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It’s that time of year when summer plans are near and a summer schedule for kids or even your family is just what you need. Check out my FREE Summer Schedule for Kids printable!

Summer Schedule for Kids + FREE PRINTABLE


An easy theme for each day of the week will help your children explore all the possibilities!

I think we can all agree that keeping focus is not always an easy thing to do, but necessary for being productive in whatever we’re doing – adults and kids alike!

“I’m bored! There’s nothing to do! I don’t have any toys to play with!” You can bet I’m either finding a chore for my kids to do, or helping them gather their toys to give away. These statements are just not acceptable in our home with so much available.

Whether we take a day off of homeschool to reset because it’s been a tough day, or we just need to remember why we homeschool, using these types of “it-days” can change the homeschool routine and breathe from the daily routine.

A summer schedule for kids is just what we needed to explore ideas and change it up, too. My kids are so excited about this schedule, and they have determined that…SUMMER JUST CAN’T COME SOON ENOUGH!


Summer Schedule for Kids + FREE PRINTABLE

Savor the day and do anything you love to do!

Play a board game. Go for a bike ride. Play a sport. Go for ice cream. Have a picnic lunch. Make your favorite meal. Draw sidewalk art.


Summer Schedule for Kids + FREE PRINTABLE

Make something new!

Craft, cut, draw, colour, paint or sculpt. Build with lego. Make a fort. Bake or cook a new recipe. Make homemade playdoh or slime.


Summer Schedule for Kids + FREE PRINTABLE

Use your imagination and creative thinking!

Write a story. Create a skit. Put on a community movie night. Make something new using recyclables. Pretend play.


Summer Schedule for Kids + FREE PRINTABLE

Play with water!

Water balloons, water gun fight, splashpark, waterslides, slip ‘n slide. Swimming at a pool or lake. Dance in the rain.


Summer Schedule for Kids + FREE PRINTABLE

Try something new!

Learn about something new and try it! Learn a sport, about an animal, nature, flying a kite, geocaching or making homemade ice cream.


Summer Schedule for Kids + FREE PRINTABLE

It’s a free day!

Playdate with a friend. Backyard camping. Scavenger hunts. Read a book. Have a bonfire. Blow bubbles. Play frisbee.


Summer Schedule for Kids + FREE PRINTABLE

Go see something!

Go to a park, or museum. Visit the zoo or a friendly farm. Go on a hike. Nature journal. Look at the stars.

Summer Schedule for Kids + FREE PRINTABLE

Get your FREE Summer Schedule Printable Below:

Do you follow a summer schedule for kids? If so, what are some activities you love to do?

Let me know if this schedule will be or has been helpful to keep focus in your family during the summer! Also, feel free to share it with friends or family to give them some ideas, too.

No more boredom for children, so let’s help them by being proactive this summer!

Anchored in Jesus,