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How to Start Your New Year Right

A new year is truly a new season that God brings us. And what we do with that new season is just as important.

Let’s look at how to start your new year right and enter this new season.

+ Includes FREE 30-Day Renewing My Mind Bible Scripture Challenge!

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Why I’m Adding Evan-Moor’s Basic Phonics Skills Level B

Although choosing our homeschool curriculum is done at the beginning of our homeschool year, we also love adding new curriculum along the way to change things up, work on new areas and refine skills.

So, I’ve decided to add Evan-Moor’s Basic Phonics Skills Level B to my son’s kindergarten curriculum for the year.

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Why Kids Should Memorize Scripture

We might know that the Word of God is important to have in our hearts and on our lips.

But find out why kids should memorize scripture and how it’s a matter of their destiny!

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