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How do you help your kids pay attention to the Sunday sermon? Is it possible or a reasonable expectation of them?

Even if it’s the littlest amount, your kids can get something from a sermon and that small amount is worth it! Get your kids learning to take interest in a sermon with sermon notes for kids designed with them in mind.

Sermon Notes For Kids Free Printable

Sermons Can Be A Challenge For Kids

Sitting and listening can be a challenge for kids on a typical day. But, it can be more-so of a challenge when it comes to a Sunday sermon.

The reason sermons are a challenge for kids is because they don’t understand what’s being taught by the speaker; they have no clue what they’re listening for or listening to. Even the concepts of what’s being taught in a sermon are spiritual truths which can be hard to understand for adults, nevermind kids!

John 6:60 NKJV says,

Therefore many of His disciples, when they heard this, said, “This is a hard saying; who can understand it?”

Imagine, Jesus had to use parables with the crowds and His disciples, like The Seed and The Sower, to try and bring a spiritual truth.

It takes hearing with spiritual ears what the Spirit is saying to us to understand what the Lord wants to reveal to us.

It’s our responsibility as parents to help our kids cultivate a listening ear to the Word of God along with studying the Bible; it’s a spiritual discipline. We’re to guide our kids in this process, but, if you’re like me, maybe you’re wondering how to help them start listening to a Sunday sermon and get anything out of it.

Sermon Notes for Kids

Kids need something geared for their age to begin taking any kind of notes.

And where we start with, is in how it looks. Yes, making something look fun for kids while including all the necessary points is the perfect starting point. This is why I’ve created a fun sermon notes free printable template for kids.

The free sermon notes printable below include a fun, kid-friendly design with space to complete the following important points:

  • Today’s date
  • Message title
  • Speaker
  • Bible verses in today’s message
  • Important points in today’s message
  • Words I didn’t understand from today’s message
  • Make a tally mark every time you hear God, Jesus, Love, Pray
  • Questions I have from today’s message

Be sure to grab the Sermon Notes For Kids FREE PRINTABLE below and help your kids begin to engage in the Sunday sermons for a life-long desire to hear the Word every Sunday morning!

Sermon Notes For Kids FREE Printable

Sermon Notes For Kids Free Printable

Let me know how your kids enjoy this template.

Anchored in Christ,