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I’ve actually wanted to get my hands on Evan-Moor How To Teach Art To Children for a while now. First, because it’s for Grades 1-6. I have children within those grades this year. And the second reason is that it covers a wide range of art elements teaching it progressively.

Although we’ve done other art programs with my daughter who is now in grade 3, my son who’s in grade 1 is at the beginning stages of learning about art. And this year, I’m catering art to my son while the older one will review what she’s learned and I’m sure she’ll learn more along the way!

How to Teach Art to Children is an easy open-and-go curriculum with 96 projects, step-by-step instructions, art appreciation and ease for you and fun for the kids! #evan-moor #evanmoor #homeschoolcurriculum #homeschoolart

I had the privilege of receiving a copy of Evan-Moor How To Teach Art To Children Enhanced E-book free with my honest review.

What This Curriculum Contains:

  • FREE downloadable e-book about art and artists
  • Material list (most, if not all these things are in our homes already!)
  • Words to know (vocabulary is important!)
  • 2 parts: Learning About The Elements Of Art and Using The Elements Of Art.
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • 96 projects
  • 159 pages

What I did notice about the curriculum is that there’s no schedule or lesson plan to follow. This wasn’t a deterent for me as I like to go with the flow as far as art is concerned. With 96 projects, you can do an art lesson once a week for 2-3 years while never repeating yourself.

This curriculum is the perfect open-and-go format where a lesson is short and simple, (one page typically) and to the point.

Part One: Learning About The Elements Of Art

This portion helps your children learn all about the seven basic elements of art:

  • line
  • shape
  • color
  • value
  • texture
  • form
  • space

Part Two: Using The Elements Of Art

This portions focuses on 23 famous artists, cultures, and types of art. It’s accompanied by an activity for kids to experience the style of each artist.

What Is Included In Each Lesson?

I love a good illustration to help me understand what the project is about, and this e-book is not short on diagrams! 

Each lesson contains:

  • an overview of what your children will be learning
  • materials list
  • step-by-step instructions for completing the project

This curriculum really couldn’t be any more simple!

How We’ll Be Using How To Teach Art To Children

In terms of our homeschool schedule, art is part of our afternoon loop. We incorporate it as part of our Brave Writer lifestyle and it’s been placed on Day 5 – our most relaxed day!

Now I’m not opposed to doing art more. It certainly is a subject we enjoy easily, so if we need to change things up in our atmosphere, whether it’s been a big emotion kind of day or an intensive type of learning day, art is a great place to bring us all together (and some snacks help too).

Printing This Curriculum

I love the idea of receiving digital e-books, especially in cases where I don’t want to print them. Instead, I keep them stored on my tablet or laptop for ease.

Now in this case, I printed it for you so that you could have a glimpse at the curriculum. That said, I would not recommend printing this e-book to save on ink and paper. The color is great for visual appeal and general helpfulness to show projects, but not necessary for printing as a whole.

Who Is This Curriculum For?

Not all curriculums are for every child or family. Perhaps if you’re looking for who this curriculum is for, I’ll put it this way. It’s a curriculum designed for:

  • homeschool families who have multiple children in multiple grades
  • open-and-go style of format
  • an inexpensive purchase (including the e-book itself and materials needed)
  • art fundamentals building on each concept.

To get your copy or have a look at Evan-Moor How To Teach Art To Children curriculum, visit their site here.

Have you used the Evan-Moor How To Teach Art To Children before? If so, how did you like it? Did this review help you? Let me know!

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