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I’m so excited to be using Evan-Moor Daily Science Grade 3 this upcoming year with both my grade 3 daughter and grade 1 son. We had such a wonderful experience last year when I purchased the Daily Science grade 2!

Evan-Moor Daily Science Grade 3 is open-and-go with short lessons, packed full of information, including vocabulary, copywriting, hands-on activities and more! #evan-moor #evanmoor #homeschoolcurriculum #homeschoolscience

I had the privilege of receiving a copy of Evan-Moor Daily Science Grade 3 Enhanced E-book free with my honest review.

About Evan-Moor Daily Science Grade 3

Here’s what you need to know about the curriculum:

6 Big Ideas (or Units)

There are 6 topics being covered over 5 weeks. The topics included in each unit are living things, plants, fossils, air, light and electricity.

The first 4 weeks explore each topic, while the fifth week is a unit review that includes comprehension, visual literacy, hands-on activity and vocabulary.

Unit Introduction

  • Teacher Background – gives you information on a topic before you cover it with your children. This can help bring confidence to what you’ll be studying.
  • Unit Overview – before beginning the big idea (unit), this overview helps you see what will be covered each week along with the vocabulary.

Weekly Lessons

At the beginning of each weekly lesson is a more in-depth look for you at what will be covered each day, including vocabulary, materials, and the presentation of ideas and concepts.

  • Days 1-4 – daily Lessons ask a question and provide an in-depth look at the answer. As part of the daily lessons over a 4-day period, the lessons include written work, comprehension, vocabulary, critical thinking, visual literacy and oral language practice.
  • Day 5 – reviews the week’s lessons.

Answer Key

If you’re feeling stumped on the answers, there is a handy answer key at the back of the book.

Printable E-Book

I choose to get printable e-books whenever it’s most suitable. With an online printing subscription that I have, a laminator and comb binding machine, we can make printing and binding a breeze!

What We Really Like About Evan-Moor Daily Science

  • Short lessons. Each lesson is full of information, and it’s not wordy. Kids don’t have to sit still for a long duration and feel overwhelmed by what they just learned.
  • Vocabulary. This is perfect for copywork and memorization.
  • Hands-on activities. My children like to experience what they learn wherever possible, so these activities help enrich and enlighten what they’ve digested over the 4 weeks.
  • Printable e-book. I get to choose if we print it out or not.

How We’ll Use Evan-Moor Daily Science

My children and I love information and it’s important to me that we practically apply, explore or dig in further discovering each unit.

I really like that the lessons are short. It allows us the ability to expand, dig in and explore more as we feel we’d like to. This includes drawing, talking, writing, watching and experiencing what we learned first-hand. So, I’ll have my kids each create a science notebook/nature journal where they can draw, color and write.

Additionally, we’ll pull out more books and videos from the library that go alongside each unit. I want my children to be given every opportunity to investigate their learning. So if we need to take longer on a particular unit, we will!

I’ll also have my kids work on vocabulary in oral and written format for the purpose of copywork and spelling. I’ll also have them narrate to me what they just learned.

To get your copy or have a look at Evan-Moor Daily Science Grade 3 curriculum, visit their site here.

Have you used Evan-Moor Daily Science curriculum before? I’d love to hear about your experience. Was this review helpful?

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