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My Body by Teacher Created Resources is the perfect science for elementary-aged children to learn about their bodies!

I had heard about the My Body book from a woman who homeschooled her children, so it came highly recommended to me, and it surely didn’t disappoint. Check out my detailed review below.


REVIEW SUMMARY: 5 out of 5 stars

  • Grades Used: Pre-K and 1
  • Pros: Fun and informative
  • Cons: Lack of review
REVIEW: My Body book by Teacher Created Resources


A one page Introduction explains everything you need to know including how this book is to be used and supplies needed. I photocopied (because it’s reproducible) the colouring and cut-out page for both my children.


Science for elementary-aged children must involve application! Without it, it is just information and kids tend to lose what they’ve learned.

This is true for both my 6 and 4-year old kids. Although they have different personalities, they both appreciate the hands-on experience to make learning fun!

REVIEW: My Body book by Teacher Created Resources
REVIEW: My Body book by Teacher Created Resources



  • Each body part has a diagram to colour and cut out. There is a clear description of what to do with the body part. (ie. color, cut, paste on body including a diagram of where it goes)
  • Children can understand body parts. The body parts talked about are easy-to-understand and shared in an enjoyable way, making learning about them fun!
  • Information said about in first person, which is certainly an interesting point of view and makes it personal. We liked this approach.
  • My children enjoyed it, and found the material fun and enjoyable, which spoke volumes to me!


  • No review. My children would tend to forget the body parts  and what their function was. In order to take care of that, we would review the body parts we had done during the next lesson.
REVIEW: My Body book by Teacher Created Resources
REVIEW: My Body book by Teacher Created Resources


We started this book September 2017. Within 2 short months we finished the book..

My preschooler was just as eager to get involved as my grade 1, but he didn't last quite as long with the colouring, cutting or retention of information. Nonetheless, I was so pleased with his excitement to do it together with his sister, which made it all the more fun!

REVIEW: My Body book by Teacher Created Resources
REVIEW: My Body book by Teacher Created Resources


We are keeping the kids "bodies" up for the rest of the year to remind us to keep talking about them. Now, we are moving to other hands-on science materials, like experiments, using The Usborne Big Book of Experiments. (I will be sure to post a review at a later time!)

Science for elementary-aged children is tricky to find. What have you used for science? Have you included My Body book in your homeschool? I'd love to hear about it.

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