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A lot of people don’t choose kindergarten homeschool curriculum because really, you don’t need it. I, however, prefer a little something to guide our efforts.

I’m not looking to do school at home, but I do need help in seeing what’s possible to challenge my little guy with.

With our current routine involving my older, grade 2 child and my younger, kindergarten child, the advantage of all that my kindergartener gets to learn just by nature of being around my older one is a beautiful thing!

My 5-year old son is a kindergartener whose active, is at times strong-willed, and a solution-minded kinda guy. He likes a challenge and loves it when you reward his efforts.

So to have his older sister sit in a desk across from him brings on his eagerness to have something of his own. And why not?!

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I'd love to hear if you include any of these elements in your kindergarten homeschool curriculum. Share in the comments below!

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