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“I could never homeschool. I don’t know how you do it. Is homeschooling hard?”

This is really the burning question by moms who are momentarily considering the option of homeschooling.

They want to know if they can:

  • teach the curriculum or if it’ll be beyond them
  • handle being with their kids all day everyday
  • afford to leave their full-time work
  • keep their sanity in balancing it all
  • afford homeschooling
  • manage their emotions
Is Homeschooling Hard? This is what every mom wants to know and find out. Here's the honest truth... #homeschooling #homeschoolmom

The honest truth

There is no fluffy answer as to whether homeschooling is hard and whether it’s for everyone, but it should first and foremost be something the Lord leads you and your family to do.

You’ll rely and trust in the Lord more because if you’re like me, you’ll feel unqualified to homeschool and yet called by God to do it.

Reflecting on why you’re homeschooling will become your anchor.

You’ll remember that it was the Lord who led you to this place, so He’ll be sure to guide and help you in it all.

Is homeschooling hard? Yes, it can be hard, but not for the reasons you think.