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If you’re looking to be more purposeful in your Bible reading time, consider keeping a Bible study journal.

Why Study the Bible?

There’s something that happens on the inside of us when we read the Word of God. 

We become forever changed as a result of what He’s spoken over our lives through His Word.

When someone suggests a Bible study, those words alone can seem so formal and stuffy. But, it doesn’t have to be.

Being a student of the Word is to take the Word of God and dig in; to be inquiry, to wonder, to contemplate, but most importantly, to have your heart open to allow Holy Spirit to speak to you concerning your life and those around you.

Why Keep a Bible Study Journal?

There have been times when I’m digging into the Word of God and a word or sentence strikes me. This can happen for a few reasons:

  • I don’t know the meaning of a word
  • I don’t understand the phrase that’s being said
  • the Lord wants me to dig deeper into Him, or
  • the Lord is revealing something to me

I have to admit, sometimes I write down what the Lord has shown me (either on my phone or another notebook), and other times I haven’t.

But, this has to change. I need to be more disciplined in this area, because God’s Word is light and life. Do you feel the same?


Items To Begin Your Bible Study

Here are just 5 simple items to gather to begin your Bible study time:

1. Choose your Bible

If you’re looking to find a Bible, I highly recommend NKJV and ESV. The Passion Translation and Amplified Bibles are also amazing at helping to expand and capture the meaning of the scriptures.

Or, if you’re into doodling, drawing or creating, choose a Bible designed for illustrating.

I also like to have a concordance (which digs into the root meaning from the greek or hebrew language), and a dictionary which helps to open up words further.

2. Choose a Bible study journal

3. Writing tools

Grab your favorite writing tool and Bible highlighters

4. Grab a tea or coffee

Optional of course, but having a warm cup of tea or coffee is a wonderful compliment to Bible reading and study time!

5. Devote time

This is truly the most difficult part.

Our lives are busy with schedules that need attention, phones with notifications, laundry that needs folding and serving others in many ways.

So YOUR devotion to the Lord will take self discipline over motivation to spend time with Him.

How To Start Your Bible Study Time

Remove Distractions

Turn your phone to silent or sleep mode. Nothing is more distracting that a phone notification going off and the need to check it.

Start With Prayer

Start your Bible reading time in prayer.

Wouldn’t you say that we struggle more with believing God at His Word? 

We are affected and infected by this world’s way of doing things and that changes our perspective and view of God at times. Prayer connects our heart to Him again where we can declare and speak life over what He says, inquiring of the Lord and asking of Him so that we can hear from Him.

Bible Study Items

Grab your Bible study items and be ready for what the Lord will do!

Bible Study Journal Template

If you’re looking for a template to follow when it comes to studying the Bible, below are 4 simple R’s you can implement in your Bible study journal or by using the FREE printable below.


Write down the Bible passages that you’re reading. 


As your read the Word of God, a verse or scripture may jump out at you. You can choose to highlight that verse in your Bible, or write it down. Even if you don’t know what the verse means, or what to do with it, but it just stands out, it’s important to write the reference down.

Below are some questions you can have your heart ponder as your read the Bible:

  • Why do you think this passage stood out to you? Is the Lord revealing something to your heart?
  • Is there a word you need to dig into? Perhaps defining the word and discovering the root would help open up the scripture passage further.
  • Is there a command to obey?
  • Is there a promise to claim?
  • Is there a sin to avoid?
  • Is there a lesson to learn?
  • Is there a new truth to carry?


And then there’s the revelation that comes from reading the word of God.

Revelation is such a deep and intimate experience with the Lord as Holy Spirit reveals the Word to you personally. What is revealed to you about God’s Word is not the same for everyone, which is what makes it such a personal experience.

Holy Spirit wants to reveal Himself to you, along with:

  • the deep things of God with you
  • the Lord’s heart concerning His nature, character and good plans for you.
  • a share a word that’ll encourage you and lift you up.
  • a word that comes with the spiritual gift of knowledge, discernment, wisdom, healing, prophecy, etc.
  • dreams and visions with you
  • things to come with you

Write down what God has revealed to your heart. This is what brings life, wonder and awe, praise and worship, and thanksgiving to our great God!


Write down what your response is to the Lord concerning His Word:

  • will you give Him thanksgiving?
  • will you give Him adoration?
  • will you give Him praise?
  • will you trust Him more?

Don’t let the moments pass by when the Lord is sharing something so sweet – the incorruptible word of God.

Get your FREE Bible Study Journaling Printable Page

Let me know in the comments below how do you like to keep track of the word of the Lord and His revealed Word to you? Do you have a journal? Do you write it in your Bible?

Anchored in Jesus,