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Teaching your kids the Bible at a young age is a wonderful opportunity for us as parents. But you may be wondering how to start teaching your toddler the Bible.

First of all, we always make something out to be harder than it really is. So take a deep breath; this isn’t hard nor time consuming, but, it is important work.

Why Should You Read The Bible To Your Toddler?

A misconception I hear is, “Since my kids are so young, they won’t understand the Bible anyways.”

The journey in our life begins as young as a baby in the womb. A toddler will absolutely start to digest what you read and teach them from the Bible. Their spirit, the person who they really are, is engaged with all that’s being deposited in them that reflects the nature and character of God. Their spirit is hungry!

Our role as parents then is to begin connecting our kids to the Father; He is truly THEIR life-source.

We have VERY important work in raising and discipling our kids to discover who God is and who they are through Him. We get to and are able to teach them simple spiritual disciplines at such a young age by what we do.

Please, I urge you… do not dismiss the importance of reading the Bible to your toddler.

Now, let’s move on to find a Bible appropriate for your toddler…

How To Start Teaching Your Toddler The Bible

Step 1: Choose A Bible Appropriate For Toddlers

We immediately think we have to read our toddler from The Holy Bible, the gigantic Bible that we ourselves as adults find a challenge at times. It can almost do more harm than good to read straight out of The Bible to your toddlers.

Unless you have a way to take the wording from The Bible and what’s being taught, and put it into a format designed for toddlers to digest, then I would suggest reading from a Bible that’s appropriate for their age.


Misconceptions about toddler Bibles…

  • #1 – missing parts will harm or lack the depth of the Bible in our kids. As you go on, you’ll choose Bibles appropriate for your children’s age and learning ability. By this, they will get more and more out of the Bible as they grow and will start to ask more questions. This then opens it up for you to read out of The Holy Bible to them or with them.
  • #2 – the Bible is a dry, dull, boring and hard to understand book. The Bible should not be introduced to your kids as such; it should be viewed and taught as fun, full of action and life!

Bibles Appropriate for Toddlers:

Teaching your kids the Bible at a young age is important. Find out how to start teaching your toddler the Bible and develop a love for it.

Step 2: Start Reading The Bible To Your Toddler

You may be asking yourself where to start with the toddler Bible.

The best place to start reading at the beginning. There is no need to have all kinds of materials either to create this special time with your toddler. In fact, follow these points below, and you’ll experience a beautiful time together:

  • Read one story a day!
  • Interact with your toddler about the story. You can do this easily by pointing at the pictures in the story talking about what they see. (ie. Is the coat red? Is he happy or sad? Where do you think she’s going to go?)
  • No need to ask your toddler questions about the Bible stories. Toddlers are too young for question and answer at this point, as it relates to the story itself. Though, their age is wonderful for sharing information and age-appropriate questions, like those listed in the example above.
  • Create a routine, if you can. If you’re able to, read the Bible at the same time every day to create a routine. If not, that’s okay, too. It’s not necessary, but it’s nice to add-on if you can as routines help children anticipate what time it is and what’s next, which is the advantage of routines.
  • Give yourself grace. Toddlers are also learning and exploring a lot, among finding boundaries, and feeling a wide array of emotions. If you have littles at home, don’t push things. Often we are too hard on ourselves, especially in the season of having young kids. Do the best you can and God will fill any gap because He cares for you and your precious children.

Adding Bible Learning Components For Toddlers

If you’ve wondered how to start teaching your toddler the Bible, it really doesn’t need to be complicated or filled with lots of things. That said, maybe over time, as you develop a routine of reading the Bible with your toddler, you may want to add a few more Bible learning components.

Below are some great add-ons to your toddler Bible reading time:

  • Prayer – say the simplest prayer out loud together with your toddler. It can be the same prayer every day. Toddlers are really great at catching onto things very quickly.
    • Before you pray ask your toddler to:
      • Clasp their hands – so they don’t touch other things (you must also do this so your toddler will follow what you model)
      • Close their eyes – so they don’t look around (and yet they probably will)
      • And say, “Thank You Lord for the Bible which helps me know You more. In Jesus Name, Amen!”
  • Bible songs for kids – they are a great way for kids to remember Bible stories. If the Bible songs have actions, that’s a bonus! Here’s a link to YouTube for free Bible songs for kids.
  • Bible colouring pages – toddlers can add a colour sheet, which also helps them build motor skills. Consider colouring books to go with the toddler Bible of your choice, like:
  • Memorize scriptures – kids can memorize things easily. What they need though to succeed in this, is repetition; it’s that easy!

If you’re looking raise kids who put their trust in the Lord; who depend on Him; who hear from Him; and who live their life by faith doing all that God has called them to do, the place to start with the Bible.

Nuture what you do with your kids in your own prayer time with the Lord and see what God will do and how He’ll lead and guide you in your efforts to share the Bible with your kids.

Enjoy this precious Bible reading time together with your toddler.

Anchored in Christ,