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As parents, one of THE MOST important things we can teach our children is the value of the Word of God in their lives. In fact, it’s a matter of their destiny!

But, the hardest part about this is how to explain the importance of God’s Word to your kids other than just saying that it’s important.

We Need Help

The Bible is not just a storybook and it’s not just words on a page. The Bible, in fact, breathes life to us.

We need this kind of life to live on this earth.

With all the difficulties and challenges we can encounter in our lifetime, with the fiery darts of the evil one and our own pursuit of the flesh, there’s character and fruit of the Spirit that we need to develop. And it’s not only in our lives as adults and parents, but our kids, too.

If we don’t know the value of the Word of God, we won’t teach it to our kids. And If we don’t teach it to our kids, they won’t have the help they need.

The Holy Spirit is our guide and help. By the power of the Holy Spirit, God is shaping and pruning us more into His image and likeness. He’s helping us see flaws in our character and the things we need to change and work on, all for the better.

And don’t we want our kids to turn to God? He created them, so let’s point them to Him!

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Illustrations Create Interest

Jesus frequently used parables when He spoke to the crowds. These parables were used to help create interest to those who wanted to find the deeper meaning or revelation of what Jesus was talking about.

The same is true for illustrations or object lessons.

An illustration is an example serving to clarify or prove something.

These are powerful to use to help our kids gain a deeper understanding of God’s Word.

Find out more on how to explain the importance of God’s Word to your kids by checking out my guest post over at In All You Do.

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