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Homeschooling has amazing benefits and one of them we view as a complete advantage, and that’s to help develop Godly character in our kids while we homeschool.

For our family, character development is very important; it’s what sustains us through our lifetime.

And in particular, Godly character is what makes us as children of God different than the world; it’s really the yeast in the dough, the light on a hill, the salt of the earth that others will see.

Being that we have this amazing advantage, we don’t want to waste any opportunity that we have to teach and train our kids.

Find out how to develop Godly character in our kids

How To Develop Godly Character In Our Kids

What we help develop in our kids when it comes to Godly character will be something our kids will take with them the rest of their lives.

Here are some ways to help develop Godly character in our kids:

We can help them think

What we think about has a huge affects on us, whether it be negative or positive.

Self-talk is a huge component of life as a child or adult. Our mindset would prefer the negative because it’s easier to think about. But the Word of God tells us that we have the mind of Christ and an ability to think on certain things.

We can be a good example

Teaching our children isn’t enough; we must model Godly character.

Children are great learners. They observe their environment trying to understand it and will explore their boundaries. The way they do this is by practicing the learned behaviour or attitude to see if it’s acceptable.

Homeschooling provides an environment where as parents, we get to be that good example. We also get to also talk to our children about their character if something needs to be addressed or encouraged.

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