REVIEW: First Language Lessons Level 1

I was looking for a gentle approach to grammar for grade 1 and was pleasantly surprised with First Language Lessons Level 1.
It ended up being amazing for not just my grade 1 daughter, but also my preschool son!

Why I’m Adding Evan-Moor’s Basic Phonics Skills Level B

Although choosing our homeschool curriculum is done at the beginning of our homeschool year, we also love adding new curriculum along the way to change things up, work on new areas and refine skills.

So, I’ve decided to add Evan-Moor’s Basic Phonics Skills Level B to my son’s kindergarten curriculum for the year.

REVIEW: Evan-Moor Daily Phonics Grade 1 E-book

Reinforcing reading and phonics has been important for my daughter. Evan-Moor has a Daily Phonics Grade 1 E-book and I was hopeful that this resource would make the perfect supplement and support to what we’re already doing and I was pleasantly surprised!

30-Day Homeschool Prayer Challenge

Prayer can change the atmosphere or direction of anything, including your homeschool. But most often, it is us who needs to KEEP praying and speaking God's Word. Join my 30-day Homeschool Prayer Challenge and see what God will do through daily prayer prompts,...

5 Ways To Prevent Hard Homeschooling Days

We’ve had our share of “off” homeschooling days. Sometimes you just can’t figure out what the issue is, but there are ways to prevent hard homeschooling days by going through a checklist of your child’s general needs and meeting them.