How to Start Your New Year Right

A new year is truly a new season that God brings us. And what we do with that new season is just as important.

Let’s look at how to start your new year right and enter this new season.

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6 Ways To Disciple Your Kids

What are some ways to disciple your kids? Do you need a curriculum or a program to disciple your children? Although having a guide to help your efforts is nice, it’s amazing how natural discipling your children can be.

The Ultimate Summer Activities List

If you’re looking to change up what you’ve already been doing this summer, here is your ULTIMATE summer activities list for you and your kids!

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Why Should I Homeschool?

“Why should I homeschool my kids”, is possibly THE question on a parent’s mind, and I have possibly THE easiest answer for you.

The reason why you should homeschool your kids is not because you feel pressure by others, or as a result of the public/private school system. It shouldn’t be because it looks like the ideal life, or because of its ease or the challenges encountered at a public/private school.

So, why should I homeschool my kids then, you might ask.

Summer Schedule for Kids + FREE PRINTABLE

Need a summer schedule for kids or even your family? A theme each day for the entire week will help keep focus and prevent the all-famous, “I’m bored!”

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50 Family Conversation Starters + FREE Printable

Do you know what to talk about as a family? The usual “How was your day?” can seem a bit uninteresting when it comes to a conversation.

Here are 50 family conversation starters + FREE printable to help you get the conversation started!

How to Reset a Tough Homeschool Day (No Homeschool Today!)

Some days we need to know how to reset a tough homeschool day.

It’s those middle-of-the-year days. Sleepless nights. Sick days. Attitude and behaviour issues that arise where character needs to be addressed. These all require us know how to reset a tough homeschool day and then I’ll know it’s time to say that there’s no homeschool today.