Daily Bible Reading Plan For Kids + FREE Printable

As your kids phase out of using the kids Bible, what do you have them use next and where do they go from there? I had this question come up in me, which is why I came up with a Daily Bible Reading Plan for Kids. Be sure to grab your FREE Daily Bible...

How to Study the Bible + FREE Bible Study Journal Page

If you're looking to be more purposeful in your Bible reading time, consider keeping a Bible study journal. Why Study the Bible? There’s something that happens on the inside of us when we read the Word of God.  We become forever changed as a result of what He's spoken...

Powerful Christian Easter Poem

Celebrating Easter is the foundation of what we believe as Christians.

This powerful Christian Easter poem is perfect for kids, youth and adults to recite during a special Easter presentation.

How to Start Your New Year Right

A new year is truly a new season that God brings us. And what we do with that new season is just as important.

Let’s look at how to start your new year right and enter this new season.

+ Includes FREE 30-Day Renewing My Mind Bible Scripture Challenge!

30-Day Homeschool Prayer Challenge

Prayer can change the atmosphere or direction of anything, including your homeschool. But most often, it is us who needs to KEEP praying and speaking God's Word. Join my 30-day Homeschool Prayer Challenge and see what God will do through daily prayer prompts,...

5 Ways To Prevent Hard Homeschooling Days

We’ve had our share of “off” homeschooling days. Sometimes you just can’t figure out what the issue is, but there are ways to prevent hard homeschooling days by going through a checklist of your child’s general needs and meeting them.

My Homeschool Prayer Journal + 5 FREE Sample Pages

Homeschool planning, choosing curriculum, teaching your children and dealing with the emotions that come with homeschooling can be tough.

For these very reasons, leaning on the Lord through prayer is important, which is why I created My Homeschool Prayer Journal.

The Ultimate Summer Activities List

If you’re looking to change up what you’ve already been doing this summer, here is your ULTIMATE summer activities list for you and your kids!

Lots of FREE printables included!