Get Kids Digging Deeper Into The Bible!

Knowing about God isn’t enough; kids need to encounter Him personally for themselves!

And these Bible Studies For Kids are designed to do just that!

Every kid should be given an opportunity to learn about Jesus!

But there’s a problem when it comes to studying the Bible for kids…

  • Where do you begin?
  • What parts of scripture should be studied?
  • What questions should be asked?
  • How do you make it fun?
  • How can kids dig deeper?
  • Is there a way to bring the Bible alive?

Bible Studies For Kids has everything you need to create an experience for kids where they’ll discover Jesus personally and who they are through Him.

Think On These Things Bible Study For Kids


think on these things Bible Study For Kids

Help your kids learn what to think on, that they’re in charge of their thoughts and they can change what they think on with this Think On These Things Bible Study for Kids based on the scriptures from Philippians 4:8 and Romans 12:2.




Read the Bible study materials to find out what you need.



Gather the supplies and printouts your kids will need.



Discover what the Bible says using the Bible Study for Kids to enhance it!

Featured Item

The latest Bible Study For Kids entitled Overcome Fear was designed to help my 8-year old daughter as she experienced her first of three anxiety attacks.

Fear is not from the Lord, yet we all experience. It’s what we do with fear that matters. Help your child understand fear, what to do with it and that they can overcome fear.

What Customers Have Shared

We’ve downloaded and started it. My daughter, who has adhd and struggles with worry and anxiety (age 8) and I have started it. We’re only 2 days into it. But it has been life giving. The worship songs are perfect. I created a playlist with them on you tube so we can just listen to them continually throughout the day. Thank you!!!!


Thank you so much for offering this! Perfect timing for my 7 year old!


"They loved it! God bless your ministry. So glad I found your page. I found you through Pinterest. I’ll definitely be using your resources a lot."


"I really enjoyed the several symbols that could be divided into different days for the Easter Study. We did an Advent devotional with daily symbols for Christmas and my daughter loved that concept and asked to do something else the same way. So this Study came at the right time for us!"

A Mom