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Have you ever wondered what the benefits of homeschooling are? Is it the pajamas? The ability to sleep in? Or is it the pace at which you and your child can homeschool?

I’m so thankful to be able to homeschool our children. It’s something that our country (Canada) and province (Alberta) supports. In having made the choice to homeschool, I’ve found that there are so many benefits. And I’d like to share them with you!

21 Benefits of Homeschooling + FREE Printable! Check out this list!

21 Benefits of Homeschooling

  1. Spending lots of time with your kids
  2. Being involved in what your kids are learning
  3. Character development and extra care for your kids when things are a little more difficult
  4. Celebrating with your kids when they’ve understood something or had a victory
  5. Experiencing their firsts (it doesn’t have to stop at potty training or talking!)
  6. Relaxed breakfasts (because no alarm clocks!)
  7. Pajama day every day (if you want!)
  8. Flexible scheduling to accommodate family activities and plans
  9. Extra long holidays (including days off for birthdays, family trips and Christmas!)21 Benefits of Homeschooling + FREE Printable! Check out this list!
  10. No homework (education is a lifestyle)
  11. Tailored curriculum to fit each child’s learning style (we experienced this here)
  12. Teaching at the pace of the child slowing down or speeding up as needed (we experienced this here)
  13. Topical/Unit Study to allow your child a focused study on something specific they’re interested in learning.
  14. Taking time away from the structure when school just isn’t working, like this
  15. Afternoon naps (because of a previous late night or not-so-good night)
  16. Strong family bonds develop with all the time spent together
  17. House chores, cooking and baking are homeschooling (YES!)
  18. Christian perspective learning (values, morals and beliefs are part of the conversation)
  19. Lots of play everyday
  20. Socializing with people of all ages
  21. Independence to think for themselves without relying on others to think for them


11 simple steps to plan your successful homeschool year

How to Plan Your Homeschool Year in 11 Steps + FREE Printable Checklist & Worksheets
To our family, these are the main benefits of homeschooling we’ve experienced, but, I’m sure there are more! I’m interested to hear if you’ve experienced any of these homeschooling benefts. Would you let me know if you have by sharing them in the comments?

If you know of someone whose been wondering what the benefits of homeschooling are, or if there are any benefits at all, I would encourage you to share this list with them.

Anchored in Jesus,