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Choosing homeschool curriculum is exciting for some and yet stressful for others. Find out some of the ways I personally use in how to choose homeschool curriculum for my kids and our family!

A New Season

Each year with our kids brings a new season.

What worked last year may not work this year. Maybe your kids are now preparing for post-secondary education. Or you’re hitting a roadblock when it comes to your child’s desire to learn and it’s felt like a chore lately. Maybe one of the curriculum’s chosen just didn’t fit your child’s needs. Or perhaps, you’re tired and feeling burned out.

No matter what, choosing homeschool curriculum can feel like a daunting task. But if we see that we’re able to provide our children with amazing resources and an education that fuels who God has designed them to be, it truly a privilege to homeschool.

7 Helpful Tips on How To Choose Homeschool Curriculum + FREE Homeschool Plan Checklist

7 Helpful Tips For Choosing Homeschool Curriculum

Sometimes throughout the year, I’ve learned about a curriculum and know in my heart that it’s the one I need to buy when it’s time. At other times, I hear about curriculum that I’m finding out that others are doing and feel interested, yet unsure. This then requires me to go on a hunt to find out more information.

Below are 7 helpful tips for choosing homeschool curriculum:

TIP #1: Prayer

This is a must for me. I believe that as we turn our hearts toward what the Lord that He shows and reveals His heart for us and our children. I also love to pray intentional prayers over my children, our homeschooling endeavours and our homeschool plan. God has us on a journey individually and together as a family, so it’s important to yield our ideas and exchange them for the Lord’s.

TIP #2: Homeschool Blogs and Websites

There are so many amazing and encouraging homeschool moms that are helpful in their ideas with curriculum including curriculum reviews, working with their children, homeschool organization, homemaking and more.

Lots of homeschool blogs and websites also offer great resources either for free, at a steep discount or reasonably priced.

TIP #3: Online or Physical Homeschool Stores

Scroll through online homeschool shops or if you can take a visit to a physical store (sans kids), do it! Touch and feel the books and glance through them.

TIP #4: Conferences

Whether it’s an online conference or you’re able to physically attend a conference, there are so many great curriculums you can check out and look into with the vendor hall.

TIP #5: Homeschool Communities

Join Facebook homeschool groups or get together with other local homeschool moms where you can ask questions or get recommendations or experiences using the curriculum.

TIP #6: Hashtags

Homeschool moms and homeschool mom bloggers create hashtags on Instagram which turn out to be great resources when looking for curriculum ideas.

TIP #7: Video Reviews

If you have a curriculum you’re thinking about using, search youtube to see if there’s a review or an in-depth look at it. This is as close to going to a physical store as possible.


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What are some ways you go about researching and choosing homeschool curriculum? Share any tips you have below!

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