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I’m so excited to share with you our 2019-2020 grade 3 homeschool curriculum picks!

I LOVE the process of choosing curriculum – which for me is finding out and keeping tabs throughout the past year on all that’s out there and the possibilities. If our choices of curriculum can help you in any way with your choices, than I’m so happy I’ve shared it with you!

Combining Learning

First of all, where I can, I’m combine learning. My children aren’t that far apart in age, so to have materials that are designed for a grade 3 child can easily be adapted for a grade 1 child.

One thing I don’t want to do is become anxious and stressed out about having materials for every child in every grade and the pressure I put on myself to get it all done. This means only one thing for me and it’s burnout.

My children are at the age where I’m heavily involved and hands-on, which is totally fine, but recognizing it and acknowledging it is part of knowing that you can’t do it all.

Fueling Curiosity

What is excluded in my grade 3 homeschool curriculum picks for the year are all the other materials I naturally add along the way.

I struggle with feeling like I’m out of control and not having my children finish a particular curriculum or that we’re not going to get it done on time. But after reading Julie Bogart’s book, The Brave Learner this summer, it’s given me the confidence to fuel my children’s learning by the curiousity they display about a certain topic. This year, I WILL choose to fan the flame of curiosity.

Let’s also be real here – I want to keep to the curriculum and not loose ground so that we’ll finish by May AND I’ve checked all the boxes. That said, WHY we homeschool, the beauty and benefit of this lifestyle isn’t about keeping to a box or a formula and being held within its parameters; it’s about a fluidness to learning when hunger is deep. It’s about permission to explore a topic by means of library books, videos, documentaries, field trips, etc. until the topic is exhausted and the flame has sizzled (as far as my kids are concerned).

Fueling my children’s curiosity is definitely what I’m doing different this year.

2019-2020 Grade 3 Homeschool Curriculum Picks

Grade 3 Homeschool Curriculum Picks

So, here we go – the feast of rich learning we are diving into for this upcoming year…

Language Arts



Social Studies

2019-2020 Grade 3 Homeschool Curriculum Picks
2019-2020 Grade 3 Homeschool Curriculum Picks
2019-2020 Grade 3 Homeschool Curriculum Picks



  • Piano Lessons



  • Fitness – Dance, swimming, some physical education challenges at home and other activities as they come up in the year.
  • Food – Talk about healthy food choices in our everyday life during shopping, meal preparation and snacks.
  • Bodies/Mind – Recognize how much time to spend on devices, moving is good for the body including stretching and strengthening it.
  • Relationships/Friendships – Talk about these areas as they come up.
  • Safety – Talk about naturally as they come up.

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Have you used any of these curriculums above? If so, which one?

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